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St. Edward State Park Pictures
Photos Taken 2001/2002/2003

From the South Canyon Trail, March 2002, January 2003 from South Canyon Trail creek in South Canyon
The Seminary Trail, main trail to Lake Washington, December 2002 Seminary Trail
The North Trail, steeper and longer trail to Lake Washington, December 2002 North Trail
Lake Washington, September 2001 Lake Washington in September
Lake Washington, December 2002 Lake Washington in December
Lake Washington Photography Class Project, January 2002 Lake Washington in January birch and ivy
Mallards in the Sun, March 2002 Mallards in the Sun
These photos taken in March 2002. My friend Amber and I named these ducks Steve and Sally. Sally & Steve Steve sits one-legged on a submerged rock Steve Steve's close-up
From my secret place, December 2002 a view from my secret spot, off the trail
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